rados – rados 对象存储工具


rados [ -m monaddr ] [ mkpool | rmpool foo ] [ -p | –pool pool ] [ -s | –snap snap ] [ -i infile ] [ -o outfile ] command ...


rados is a utility for interacting with a Ceph object storage cluster (RADOS), part of the Ceph distributed storage system.


-p pool, --pool pool

Interact with the given pool. Required by most commands.

-s snap, --snap snap

Read from the given pool snapshot. Valid for all pool-specific read operations.

-i infile

will specify an input file to be passed along as a payload with the command to the monitor cluster. This is only used for specific monitor commands.

-o outfile

will write any payload returned by the monitor cluster with its reply to outfile. Only specific monitor commands (e.g. osd getmap) return a payload.

-c ceph.conf, --conf=ceph.conf

Use ceph.conf configuration file instead of the default /etc/ceph/ceph.conf to determine monitor addresses during startup.

-m monaddress[:port]

连接指定监视器(而非通过 ceph.conf 查找)。

-b block_size

设置块尺寸,适用于 put/get 操作、及写入压力测试。


使用 rados 的条带化 API 而非默认的,支持的操作有 stat 、 get 、 put 、 truncate 、 rm 、 ls 以及所有与 xattr 相关的操作。


Show utilization statistics, including disk usage (bytes) and object counts, over the entire system and broken down by pool.
mkpool foo
Create a pool with name foo.
rmpool foo [ foo –yes-i-really-really-mean-it ]
Delete the pool foo (and all its data)


get name outfile
Read object name from the cluster and write it to outfile.
put name infile
Write object name to the cluster with contents from infile.
rm name
Remove object name.
ls outfile
List objects in given pool and write to outfile.
List snapshots for given pool.
clonedata srcname dstname –object-locator key
Clone object byte data from srcname to dstname. Both objects must be stored with the locator key key (usually either srcname or dstname). Object attributes and omap keys are not copied or cloned.
mksnap foo
Create pool snapshot named foo.
rmsnap foo
Remove pool snapshot named foo.
bench seconds mode [ -b objsize ] [ -t threads ]
压力测试 seconds 秒。 mode 可以是 writeseqrandseqrand 分别是顺序读、随机读压力测试,要想做读压力测试,先得加 –no-cleanup 选项做一次写压力测试。默认对象尺寸是 4 MB ,默认模拟线程数为 16 。 注: -b objsize 仅适用于 write 模式。


listomapkeys name
List all the keys stored in the object map of object name.
listomapvals name
List all key/value pairs stored in the object map of object name. The values are dumped in hexadecimal.
getomapval name key
Dump the hexadecimal value of key in the object map of object name.
setomapval name key value
Set the value of key in the object map of object name.
rmomapkey name key
Remove key from the object map of object name.
getomapheader name
Dump the hexadecimal value of the object map header of object name.
setomapheader name value
Set the value of the object map header of object name.


To view cluster utilization:

rados df

To get a list object in pool foo sent to stdout:

rados -p foo ls -

To write an object:

rados -p foo put myobject blah.txt

To create a snapshot:

rados -p foo mksnap mysnap

To delete the object:

rados -p foo rm myobject

To read a previously snapshotted version of an object:

rados -p foo -s mysnap get myobject blah.txt.old


rados 是 Ceph 的一部分,这是个伸缩力强、开源、分布式的存储系统,更多信息参见 http://ceph.com/docs