Ceph 对象网关的 S3 兼容 API

Ceph 支持 REST 风格的 API ,它与亚马逊 S3 API 的基本数据访问模型兼容。


下面的表格列出了对亚马逊 S3 的功能支持情况:

Feature Status Remarks
List Buckets Supported  
Delete Bucket Supported  
Create Bucket Supported Different set of canned ACLs
Bucket Lifecycle Not Supported  
Policy (Buckets, Objects) Not Supported ACLs are supported
Bucket Website Not Supported  
Bucket ACLs (Get, Put) Supported Different set of canned ACLs
Bucket Location Supported  
Bucket Notification Not Supported  
Bucket Object Versions Supported  
Get Bucket Info (HEAD) Supported  
Bucket Request Payment Not Supported  
Put Object Supported  
Delete Object Supported  
Get Object Supported  
Object ACLs (Get, Put) Supported  
Get Object Info (HEAD) Supported  
POST Object Supported  
Copy Object Supported  
Multipart Uploads Supported (missing Copy Part)